A MindFul State

1. I think it is important for people to be aware of and talk about their mental health because if you do not reach out no one can help you. By making people aware you may find others who can support you or refer you to someone who can help. In addition, it is a form of self care by not bottling it all inside. Have you ever felt you needed to talk with someone? 

2. I have witnessed someone helping another person who’s car had broken down. This person had nothing to gain from the other. They just wanted to help. I feel this is what we need more of. Humanity helping one another for the sake of good will. When have you witnessed someone helping another person?

3. Some activities to help you stay fit emotionally and mentally are walking and running, swimming and biking. Growing up I was always so inspired in my hometown having the ironman. These people would run, swim, and bike incredible lengths and I am sure it tested them both physically and mentally. What activities do you like to do?

4. I think we can help one another by practicing active listening with our neighbours, friends at school, or in our own communities.  This is where you use silence, empathy, paraphrasing, and summarizing to understand what is said and unsaid with the other person in need. When is a moment you have been a good listener? 

5. I think the impact on society if more people talked openly about their emotional and mental well-being would be to help to remove the stigma behind it. For example, many people feel ashamed to be labeled with depression or anxiety. If we remove the stigma more people will feel excepted and be open to receiving help faster.  Have you ever wanted to talk with someone when you felt stressed? 

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